Portrait de Lucie Aubrac, femme de la Résistance


I realized that a large part of the series “Les Caractères” should be devoted to women in the Resistance. These women with such diverse backgrounds, who came from different walks of life: well-to-do, religious, communist, proletarian, right-wing with nationalist tendencies… all found themselves in the same struggle against the Nazi regime, who developed a renewed political consciousness, and sometimes lost their lives during those dark years. They are all models of courage, of questioning, of feminism, of charity, of audacity, of ingenuity. These women, born in France or elsewhere, these 114 women, fought for a certain idea of France, of freedom, equality and fraternity, they are decorated with the Medal of Resistance, and also speak for all those who history has not retained.

Note: the white silhouettes represent the women I couldn’t find a photograph of … I contacted the Musée de la Résistance nationale, in case their archives could help me… But if good wills came to read me and knew of images of these ladies, contact me!