Call of Fez and General Report

© Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

Work I have made at the OIF around the Call of Fez for dialogue between cultures and religions and the General Report by Jean-Louis Roy.
I played with a form of Moroccan mosaic to evoke the scene and chooses the Bodoni character because it was the first to be used to print not only the Bible in different translations, but also other holy books. Moreover, its high aesthetic brings a sober and elegant notes to documents. The current text is in Helvetica, as provided in the charter of the organization.

The Call was printed for the visit of Abdou Diouf at the Vatican on paper slightly material, ecru, and bilingual. The two languages (French and Latin, and French and Spanish, a nod to the language of the Papal States and the Pope François) were presented head to tail.

Voir les pdf de l’Appel et du Rapport.