Master CIMER

Master of intercultural communication and museology in Eastern Europe, Paris-Sorbonne.

The brainstorming gave the following results:

communication = language, culture = roots, cultural heritage = roots, Estern Europe = diversity.

The possibilities offered by the wealth of fonts of Eastern European origins (created in the Bauhaus era with a design discipline that makes them timeless) are limitless.

Symbolism : cedillas are roots, hatchek are wings. “Roots and wings” refers to the Yiddish proverb “We must give our children roots and wings.” Since culture is the roots of the children that will help them go further. In our case: building cultural bridges on solid foundations and respect of each.

Result : use of different character fonts European center inlay diacritics and Cyrillic equivalents.

Color : blue is used because it is the common color to the majority of the flags of the geographical area.

The fonts were chosen for there high readability and adaptability.