Masks 2

Drawing series with black marker and colored pencil on paper at the Quai Branly Museum. Accompanied by the Prière aux masques of Léopold Sédar Senghor.
“Masks, O Masks!”
“Black masks red mask, you white-and-black masks Masks at the four points where the Spirit blows.”
“I greet you in silence! And not you last, lion-headed Ancestor.”
“You keep this place foreclosed any woman laugh at any smile fades. You distill this air of eternity where I breathe the air of my fathers.”
“Masks for faces without masks, stripped of all dimple like any ride Who dialed this portrait, this my face leaning on the altar of white paper”
“Like you, listen to me! Here dies the Africa of empires – it is the agony of a pitiable princess”
“And also Europe which we are linked to by the navel. Fix your eyes on your kids immutable we command”
“Who gives life as the poor his last garment. We answer present at the rebirth of the World”
“Thus the leaven which is necessary for white flour. For who would learn the rhythm of the deceased world of machines and cannons?”
“Who would drive the joyful sound to wake the dead and orphans of the morning! Say, that would make the life of the man with the memory gutted hopes?”
“They call us men of the oil Coffee Cotton They call us men of death.”
“We are dancing people whose feet are revitalized by hitting the hard ground.”
Prayer to the masks

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