Arabic, Egyptian and Persian Mythologies

From 2020 to 2022, I produced a collection of dreamlike stories, in the style of Dada and surrealist poets. Each was associated with a mythological or legendary character, which I then illustrated.

  • Al-Uzza was a pre-Islamic Arabian goddess of fertility.
  • Horus Egyptian god of the sky, of pharaonic power.
  • Ishtar is a Mesopotamian goddess, considered a symbol of women, an astral deity associated with the planet Venus, a goddess of love and war.
  • Maat is, in Egyptian mythology, the goddess of cosmic harmony, rectitude (or moral conduct), order and balance in the world, fairness, peace, truth and of Justice.
  • Manat was a goddess of fate, worshiped in Arabia in pre-Islamic times.
  • Nut is a goddess of Egyptian mythology representing the sky, mother of all stars.
  • Ptah is the Egyptian god of craftsmen, artists and architects.
  • Sekhmet is an Egyptian warrior goddess, personifying the destructive power of the Sun as well as healing and home.
  • Seth is the Egyptian god of chaos and destructive forces.