Illustrations inspired by the great tragic figures, I wanted to express in one eye extreme emotions described by the texts.


Anouilh : “You were so nice when you were a child”
Sartre : “Ah! as I am free. And which superb absence that my heart.”
Giraudoux : “That is called the dawn”
Yourcenar : “The dropping of the masks”
O’Neill : “Mourning Becomes Electra”


Anouilh : “We will be so unhappy!”

Nous allons être très malheureux !
“Nous allons être très malheureux !”


Müller : “I lay down and I heard the world goes round at the quick step of putrefaction”
“yesterday I stopped killing myself”
“I want to be a woman”
“I was MacBeth”


Cocteau : “I will die young, good.”
Anouilh : “It’s good for men to believe in ideas and die for them.”
Brecht : “Perhaps it is the desire for a full suffering.”


Anouilh : “You will be alone, to the end of time, as this minute.”

Tu seras seule, jusqu'au bout des temps, comme en cette minute.
“Tu seras seule, jusqu’au bout des temps, comme en cette minute.”


Apollinaire : “It’s high time to light up the stars”
Cocteau : “gods exist: it’s the devil”

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