The mirror of reality

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crédits :
Toward an elsewhere : Marie Bellando-Mitjans (Michael Kenna) / José Ángel Valente
To close to reality : Gluemoon (flickr CC) (Robert Capa) / Léopold Sédar Senghor
Color miracle : Steve Evans (flickr CC) (Steve Mc Curry) / Tristan Tzara
The only answer is Existence : Marie Bellando-Mitjans (Gerald Garbez) / Joan Vinyoli


We have entered a digital and dematerialized age, however we are still in contact with Reality. My work consists in exploring this contact with Reality by two different prisms: photography and poetry; two different supports: paper book and e-book.

I structured my study around various topics dear to my heart (color, voyage, loneliness, exile, war, death). They seem characteristic of our confrontation with Reality. I develop and exploit the complementarity of both paper and digital media through diverse graphic interventions. They are the expression of my own feelings, are a foray into the reading act much more than in the text or the image. The book is a game where the contents are not directly accessible. The reader clings to the content. He tries to discover it and to touch it in the paper. He tries to catch up, to understand, to contemplate it in the e-book. This complementarity provides to the “reader/actor” a global poetry which speaks to every senses on every supports available, turning the digital into sensitiveness and the paper into elusiveness, in order to fully convene the conscience and the reflexion. The collection has a blog of cultural interaction where readers can find other content related to the various topics (essays, paintings, sculptures, etc) and share their own experiences.

At present, the paper book is the common support, simple and efficient for immediate disposal of a text. It provides a sensitive area for reading, introduces a kind intimate and direct relationship between text and reader. The only barrier between the reader and the text is a page to turn, an act of physical presence of which we are not any more aware. The e-book appears as the cold and impersonal support of speed reading and accessibility to the content. Dematerialized and robotized, it is a reading time only dedicated to our eyes. It is to some extent a reading device out of our-selves. Reading almost alone, he takes only serviceable time to us. It forces us to expect the continuation, either because the author did not write it yet (in a blog) or because it was not revealed yet (in an animated book). Far from the generally accepted ideas of duality, I perceive the report “paper/numerical” like a complementarity “space/time” rich of promises.

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Toward an elsewhere

Texts by José Ángel Valente, « Éphémérides » in Mandorle, ©éditions Gallimard 1991.


To close to reality

Texts by Léopold Sédar Senghor, extract from « Aux tirailleurs sénégalais morts pour la France » in Hosties Noires, ©éditions Le Seuil 1961, 1982, 2006.


Color miracle

Texts by Tristan Tzara, extract from 25 poèmes, ©éditions Flammarion.


The only answer is Existence

Texts by Joan Vinyoli, extract from « soirée à la cafétaria » in Promenade d’anniversaire, ©éditions Orphée La Différence, 1998.