Drawing series with black marker and colored pencil on paper at the Quai Branly Museum. Accompanied by reflections of Tristan Tzara on Primitive arts.
“Art was in the infancy of time, prayer. Wood and stone were truth. In man, I see the moon, plants, black, metal, star, fish.”
“It’s a kind of curiosity of human sensitivity that we must think when so often we feel driven to eavesdropping of infinity.”
“The sharp blade of logic did not completely separated us of the mystery that surrounds us.”
“It is only by assonance analogies that feelings can approach the infinite poetry. (…) As well as the letter and the spirit of a living past strangely.”
“What if our civilization is only a substitution of oblivion formulas, derived from the great concern, this concern is the pinnacle of all creation, the idea of death, he will have one day spanning the mess of material civilization, without returning back including everything that is in it, where before such grandeur collective problems of beauty and ugliness can no longer arise in terms of heroism and devotion.”
“The animal you see is not what you believe. The fear that you are not what you believe. Eye you cry is not what you see.”
“It is this force without method that gives the fact its meaning and fate invaluable depths of land and indisputable causes. Its possibilities of poetry came the invention of the world.”

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