Longo Maï

Longo Maï (“Long time to come” in Provençal) is a book that I realized on the topic of souvenirs, their potential of abstraction and universality. Illustrating my own memories: fragmentary, partial, approximate; I brought forth freely interpretable image by the viewer.

First page : soft toys – impeccable, my beautiful one, impeccable.

Second page : card game – can one forget?

Third page : china – this song is beautiful, me I like it because it is true, you see.

Fourth page : ironworker – where are they thus all passed?

Fifth page : kitchen – what did you see of men?

Sixth page : herbarium – and if one managed to imagine?

Seventh page : lace – did you see the silence passing through?

Eight page : living room – is this love today?

Ninth page : garden – it’s not because you’ve left that you’re not there.

Tenth page : basket – so you came by train?

Eleventh page : metal – is it still time to see God?

Twelfth page : workshop – so what is time?

Thirteenth page : candy – do light stop?

Fourteenth page : faith – you see Holy Mary can answer to all your questions if you ask her and if you listen.

Fifteenth page : wardrobe – when i see the blues coming at the end of the road i take the bus and go for a walk.

Sixteenth page : Christmas – you didn’t like it?

Seventeenth page : pots – and if eternity was there.

Eighteenth page : book – and if everything was to come?

Nineteenth page : bathroom – if it’s not beautiful!

Twentieth page : jewels – for my 20 years, they give me a machine-gun, for you i want it to be different.

Twenty-first page : furniture – after all you only have regrets so you’ve got to try to have less.

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