Hello world!

Marie Bellando-Mitjans

Visual communication conceptor and creator,
MA of museology and intercultural communication with Central and Eastern Europe

— slavist and Balkans-lover
— Cartooning for Peace volunteer
Believes that communication and knowledge of world cultures naturally lead to peace
and development.

Download my CV, or discover it on linkedin.

background music : Wasaru, “experience yourself”

I am not Marie Curie but I have ideas.
I am not Marie Marvingt but I like challenges and I live in the world.
I am not Marie Meurdrac but I transmute ideas into matter.
I am not Marie Ljalková but I rarely miss my target.
I am not Mary Tudor but i speak english very well.
I am not Marie Karađorđević but I like the Balkans and I speak Serbo-Croatian.
I am not Mary Poppins but I have my bag full solutions.
I am Marie Bellando-Mitjans, communicator, graphic designer, blogger, activist…

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