Free together (Libres ensemble)

© Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

I work since fall at the OIF and I had the joy of being largely associated to the initiative « Libres ensemble », launched yesterday with the screening of the official video. With a website aiming to collect artistic videos or project presentation for living together and cultural diversity, and this on a worldwide scale (well the world of Francophonie, representing 80 countries), the campaign also aims to saturate the web space (including social networks) with positive and tolerant messages.

Libres ensemble this is a utopia and responsibilities. Keep in mind that one is always the other one of someone, that everyone is a unique being built with several influences. This allows us to create, to imagine, to enrich ourselves. This allows us to create, to imagine, to enrich ourselves.
So categorize, be prejudiced, it’s a reflex but it should be destroyed. You have to be curious of the other as an individual and bearer of many cultures. Keep in mind who we are, where we speak from, not to take a central point of the world or a universal truth. Libres ensemble is ethical.

And I, what have I done? The official visual and all that goes with (logo, banners, posters, …) and a small contribution to be seen here.

If you also reject the rejection of the other and of differences, if you want a world of diversity and dialogue: share, express yourself, like, tweet, and so on!