Pious images

It’s been a few weeks since I started making pious images … First, Anthony of Padua (Sanctus Antonius Patavinus). Born in 1191, monk, he is recognized as patron saint of Portugal, sailors, shipwrecked and prisoners, poor, elders, oppressed, pregnant women, hungry, horsemen, … He is traditionally invoked to find lost items or forgotten things.

Benedict the Moor (Sanctus Benedictus Africae). A freed slave from Sicily, born in 1526, he entered the orders and was canonized in 1807. He is the patron saint of the city of Palermo, and receive special worship on the American continent.

Augustine (Sanctus Augustinus). Born in 354 in present-day Algeria, he belongs to the wealthy class of the Romans. During his life he became a Christian theologian and philosopher, he was recognized doctor of the Church in 1298. Considered the patron saint of brewers, printers and theologians, he is also recognized and celebrated by the Orthodox Church.

Maria Faustyna Kowalska (Sancta Faustina Kowalska). Born in 1905 in Poland, nun of the Order of Our Lady of Mercy, great mystic, she was canonized in 2000. (Or only 62 years after her death, which is very short). She is known for her writings on the Divine Mercy (greater attribute of God according to Christian theology) and for the realization of Divine Mercy image, that we find today in medals, images of devotion, etc.

Francis of Assisi (Sanctus Franciscus Assisiensis). Born around 1181, monk, he is the founder of a monastic order preaching prayer, joy, love of the divine Creation to make its work of evangelization. It is for this reason that he is recognized as the patron saint of ecology and animals, but also of interreligious dialogue.