Pious images 2

Saint Romain of Blaye (Sanctus Romanus Blaviae). Died around 380, Gallo-Roman priest, evangelizer of the Bordeaux region, he is recognized as one of the patron saints of boatmen. He is also the patron saint of my parish.

Saint Roch (Sanctus Rochus)… It is not only because we are in an epidemiological period (although …) that I made this image of Saint Roch. Patron saint of the plague victims, the sick, the caregivers, all those who are excluded from society and those who are devoted to them.

Saint Eleanor of Provence (Sanctus Alienora Provinciae). Born in Provence (around 1223) she became Queen of England but was considered blessed (and not holy, despite her common name) because of her great piety.

Holy Family: Child Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph.

Sainte Olive (Sancta Oliva Brixia). 2nd century saint, martyr, died in Brescia (Lombardy, Italy) where her relics are kept.